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Medical Device Value, Pricing, and Market Access

The hands-on workshop explores all the jigsaw pieces to enable MedTech companies to optimize Pricing & Market Access

The Medical Device industry face additional pricing challenges beyond those in other industries. Three challenges stand out: 

  1. Market Access regulations that differ by country
  2. Multiple stakeholders with varying needs
  3. Predominantly government funding (direct or indirect) increasing scrutiny of pricing practices

Together, these are significant obstacles for small and large companies alike, often reducing profitability and even, for smaller companies, threatening their viability.  

To help address this, Dr. Carolin Miltenburger and I have created a 2-day hands-on workshop that addresses your value, pricing and market access challenges for Medical Device companies.  The workshop can be adapted for multiple situations and teams and situations, delivering insights and clear plans for how to value, price and gain Market Access for your new products, and enhance and extend the value and price of existing products.  To learn more, read on or contact us. 

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"Great Workshop! The tools and techniques are immediately helpful for us"
- Price Manager, Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Who is this for?

Companies and teams involved with developing and launching Medical Devices that require market access approval.  Cross-functional teams including product marketing, R&D, pricing, marketing, market access, HEOR, customer support, and finance professionals are ideal, but other configurations are also practical.

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    Other scenarios that can benefit from the workshop:

    • Development teams that need to better understand value
    • Global or regional product managers that need to better understand pricing and market access in key markets
    • Pricers who need to better understand the basics of market access
    • HEOR and Market Access professionals who need to understand the basics of value and pricing in MedTech
    • Brand and/or International Market Access teams dissatisfied with existing processes


    1. Introduction to the MedTech market & pricing basics

    • Healthcare spending today and trends.  Implications for MedTech
    • Importance and challenges of pricing in MedTech
    • Sources of benefit and value from medical technology
    • Pricing overview including price setting, commercial policy and price execution

    2. Pricing & Reimbursement (P&R) basics

    • Introduction to key Market Access concepts common across all countries 
    • Contrast MedTech and Pharma MA
    • Gathering evidence for value and Market Access
    • Stakeholder analysis

    3. Reimbursement systems in key countries

    • Overview of the most important Pricing & Reimbursement archetypes, with a particular focus on EU5 and USA
    • Compare and contrast different systems and implications for market access strategy
    • Review the pricing implications of the key systems
    • Deep dive on the most important systems

    4. Value Creation and Pricing Architecture

    • Building a strong pricing architecture to capture value
    • Risk sharing strategies, including case studies 
    • Extending and enhancing value of existing offers

    5. Pricing Execution

    • List price, discount, rebate and net price management
    • Value and price research
    • Managing tenders
    • Product lifecycle management

    6. Planning and next steps

    • Prioritize steps to close identified gaps
    • Develop detailed 90 day plans
    • Wrap-up and next steps


    • Focus on practical tools and approaches that are appropriate to the challenges faced by MedTech companies today and in the future.   ~50% of time in breakout groups using tools. 
    • Co-led by a B2B pricing expert and a leader in market access for medical technology with complimentary experiences and insights
    • Exercises adapted to the specific challenges by using your team.  Opportunity for follow-up support throughout the process


    The standard training includes approximately 12-14 hours of material delivered over 2 days, using exercises based on class II and class III products.  Prerequisites are only a basic familiarity with the MedTech industry.  Adaptations can be made as required:

    • Use your products for the exercises to work real business challenges
    • Materials adapted based on the needs and experiences of the participants
    • Content delivered in smaller pieces as relevant at different stages of the process (e.g. and development and launch milestones)
    • Follow-up support available as teams work through the process