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Select Experiences

Strategy & Alignment

Developed and implemented a global pricing strategy and supporting principles for a Global 500 chemical company. 

Strategy, process and tools to support pricing of Intellectual Property (IP) monetization for a leading global diversified industrial conglomerate.

Developed and automated a price setting approach including vari for a distributor with 500k products 

Leading the development of a global commercial terms/policy framework and playbook aligned to strategic goals in each country.  Starting point for price quoting automation.

Design & Infrastructure

Designed a process to price mobile handsets (list price and pocket price corridor) sold through various channels around the world. 

Led the strategic initiative to improve, harmonize and automate pricing processes across all divisions and geographies of a global medical device manufacturer.  Drove improved pricing & risk exposure.

Designed a process and automated a system to handle complex rebate management for a global Semiconductor manufacturer.

Built a 10-person pricing team from the ground up for a global Ag Company.

Designed a sophisticated customer and product segmentation scheme leveraging psychological pricing elements.  Embedded in a bespoke pricing system for pricing over 500,000 products sold by a distributor.  

Implemented a bespoke pricing system to provide visibility to discounts and rebates for a leading tire manufacturer.

Deploy & Monitor

Designed the change management program for a new pricing process and system for a global chemical company. 

Developed a bespoke price maturity framework for an Agribusiness company. Deployed across all key countries and used 2x per year to assess progress. 

Designed a comprehensive price metrics framework including both leading and lagging indicators.  Adopted globally at a global chemicals manufacturer

Designing and implementing a price analysis system used to identify pricing opportunities.

Designed and deployed a price elasticity workshop approach for a seeds manufacturer. 

"Whatever business you're in - it doesn't matter - it's going to commoditize over time.
It's going to devalue. You've got to keep moving it to a higher value"
- Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM

Industry Experience


Medical Technology








"Speed, Low Price, Quality: Pick Two"
- Anonymous


Our team benefited tremendously from having Ian on board to help us think through these complex questions; we were able to draw from his extensive expertise to drive real business impact
— Tatiana Vacaru, GE Ventures

Ian’s leadership and support have helped us to revolutionized our pricing in Brazil, replacing guesswork and opinions with fact-based recommendations, sales-dominated local pricing with collaborative & nuanced pricing, and manual processes with automation. These changes have improved our financial performance.
— Larissa Pomerantzeff, CFO, Syngenta Brazil

Ian rocks. Bright, professional, friendly. The man you want on your team.
— Andrew Gumperz, Metreo

I had the good fortune to work with Ian for a number of years. He is not only exceptionally smart, strategic, and customer-focused, but also a pleasure to work with. I recommend him without reservation.
— Jamie Rapperport, CEO Eversight

Ian is a real pricing professional and partner. Impressive how he gets results by combining creative thinking with practical and concrete recommendations that help people at all level of the organisation.
— Paolo De Angeli, Borealis

Ian combines a deep functional expertise in pricing, with a rigorous and pragmatic approach to identifying and assessing commercial improvement opportunities.
— Ian Mombru, Echo-Box Consulting